elevate your time.

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Brand Story

Time. Its value,

A currency more precious than gold. Every second is an opportunity. Each passing moment, a memory to cherish. The future, full of promise and potential. In this ever faster moving world, we need to take the time to appreciate time. To discover what matters most. To take a moment for ourselves. To see the colours of the sky changing when the sun sets. To enjoy the calm and clarity of silence. And to appreciate something as simple as a smile.

Quist Watches are made for those who understand the value of time. Who love timeless design, because they see true beauty in simplicity and elegance. Who appreciate the unique details you only see when you really take the time to look. A Quist Watch doesn’t just tell the time, it tells you about our philosophy. Investing time in fashioning something truly worth having. 

Craftsmanship is patience,
a lot of patience.

You cannot hurry craftsmanship. The beauty is in the process, the painstaking attention to detail and the long journey of creating something meaningful. Taking all the time we need to make, find and source exactly the right materials.  

Every glance at your Quist Watch is an invitation to explore the unique details. The fusion of tradition and innovation, Japanese and Swiss mastery. The Q dial, the gleaming 316L stainless steel, the clarity of the sapphire crystal glass. The passage of time reduced to an art form.


elevate your time.