The crown to adjust the time is located on the right side of the watch case. If there is a plastic disc, remove it, and gently pull out the crown from the casing. Rotate the crown to set the time, and once you’ve done that, push the crown back into its original position.

Some of our watches have the ability to adjust both the date and time. You use the same pin (crown) to adjust both the time and date. The pin can be pulled out up to two clicks. The first is about the width of a fingernail; turning the pin at this stage will adjust the date. The available dates go up to 31. Months that do not have 31 days need to be manually adjusted on the 1st of the following month. The watch does not do this automatically.

Watch strap

All straps are interchangeable and feature a quick-release pin. The quick-release pin allows for easy attachment and detachment of the strap. Before changing the strap, place the watch face down on a clean and soft surface. Then, look for the pins at the back of the strap close to the watch case. Pull the pin slightly to release the spring bar from the watch case. Follow the steps in reverse order to attach the new strap. The short part of the strap should always be attached at the 12 o’clock position, and the longer part at the 6 o’clock position.

The butterfly clasp can be adjusted on one side, allowing you to shorten or lengthen your watch strap. The butterfly clasp is fixed on the short side of the strap. On the long side, featuring the QUIST logo, the butterfly clasp can be opened. Pull up the portion with the QUIST logo. The underside has a metal pin that fits into the holes of the watch strap. Is your watch too tight? Move the pin away from the watch case and secure it again by pressing on the logo. The leather straps may initially be a bit stiff but will become looser as you wear them.

Watches with a mesh strap or individual mesh straps can be tightened or loosened by moving the clasp along the band. You’ll need a tool, such as a small screwdriver, to adjust the size of your band. Use the tip of the tool to lift the clasp upward. Then, slide the clasp to adjust the length of the band. Is your watch too loose? Move the clasp toward the watch case. Press the clamp down to secure the band.

Watches with a metal strap are more challenging to adjust in length compared to our other strap options. We recommend having the strap adjusted to the correct length by a jeweler. For a metal strap, links need to be removed, requiring specialized tools.

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