The Lott

This is the story of LOTT, a watch born out of love. All those moments when the heart beats a little faster. Offering the beauty of enduring elegance.

LOTT is a lady’s watch inspired by love. Once upon a time, it wasn’t a wife who wore this watch, it was a beautiful dream in the making. It became not just a watch but a cherished part of her life when she married in June 2023.

“Lott was conceived as a loving homage to Lotte, who is now my wife. To infuse a dash of international flair, we dropped the ‘e’ from her name and etched it onto our masterpiece.”

For those
who truly see.

A silver symphony.

Adorned with a pristine sunburst blue dial, and a graceful mesh bracelet. The Lott is grace and sophistication, an essential part of the essence of our brand.

Our philosophy? No need for excessive opulence.

We stand for quality appreciated by those who truly see. Each watch we create boasts a unique design twist, a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship.

A mesmerising blue hand.

Specially for LOTT, a subtle touch of innovation. The seconds are displayed on a charming little sub-dial, guided by a mesmerising blue hand. Elegance. Timelessness. Craftsmanship. Love. That is… LOTT.

Connecting past,
present and future.

Life’s most significant moments need to be remembered, commemorated and celebrated in style. The beating heart of LOTT is a meticulously crafted Swiss movement, a masterful silent symphony of gears and springs. Perfectly recording the words, sentences, pages and chapters of your life.

LOTT is more than just a timepiece, it’s the ideal companion on your unique journey. As we endeavour to navigate life’s twists and turns, our good and bad fortune, our successes and failures, LOTT is the silent witness. For all those moments that define us and make us who we are.

Popular Configurations

Lott Specifications

36mm wide, 6,7mm thick.

316L high precision stainless steel.

Sunburst dial and signature blue seconds hand.

Swiss Ronda 6004.D.

Flat sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.

5 ATM tested.

Genuine suede, linen or stainless steel mesh with quick-release pin, 18mm width.

Make it your own Lott.