The Maverick

The MAVERICK is a bold departure from the ordinary. A rebellion against the mainstream. A testament to a creative spirit that dares to make the most of every moment.

It began with a desire to expand horizons, avoid the beaten path and zig while the world zags. To create a truly exceptional watch that defied convention.

The world of aviation holds a special allure. We used this as the springboard for our imagination, to craft a timepiece unlike any other. Inspired by flight, our watch soars with innovation and precision.

is born.

A vision crystallised when creative minds united.

Conceiving MAVERICK, a name that embodies audacity and independence. This watch is a testament to the pursuit of the extraordinary, a perfect blend of ruggedness and elegance.

The dial that dares.

MAVERICK has a sandwich dial, which adds depth and character. While luminescent hands and numerals ensure that time is always within reach, even in the darkest of nights. And, front and centre, an iconic airplane graces the dial. A nod of deep respect to the pioneers of flight.

The Crown Jewel.

An oversized crown, the hallmark of aviation watches, speaks to the practicality of the past. In an era when pilots wore gloves, adjusting their watches required precision and ease. A necessity that the MAVERICK embraces with flair.

Beauty whichever way you look at it.

Like its counterpart, the CHRONOGRAPH, the MAVERICK is a work of art inside and out. While many watches overlook the case back, we certainly do not. The MAVERICK revels in the opportunity to shine from every angle, offering a delightful surprise for those who explore even its hidden depths.

Ticking four times
per second.

Beneath the surface, a Japanese Seiko movement powers the MAVERICK. Its “sweeping seconds” hand isn’t bound by the ordinary rhythm of time. Instead, it dances gracefully around the dial, ticking four times per second. A testament to the watchmaker’s painstaking commitment to excellence.

The MAVERICK is a symbol of daring ambition and a tribute to the spirit of exploration. It’s for those who seek the extraordinary, for those who chart their own course, and for those who believe in pushing boundaries. The Maverick is where innovation takes flight, where tradition meets innovation, and where timekeeping becomes an art. 

Popular Configurations

Maverick Specifications

40mm wide, 13mm thick.

316L high precision stainless steel.

Sandwich dial with luminous numerals and signature ‘Q’ hands on the sweeping seconds hand.

Seiko VH31 Sweeping Seconds.

Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating and sandblasted sides.

5 ATM tested.

Genuine leather or cordura with quick-release pin, 20 mm width with butterfly buckle.

Make it your own Maverick.