Warranty & Repair

All items you purchase from us come with statutory warranty. Statutory warranty means that a product should do what the consumer can reasonably expect it to do. In addition to statutory warranty, we also provide our own warranty on our watches. The product page will display any additional warranty we offer, which does not override statutory warranty.

We offer a standard 2-year warranty on our watches and separately purchased watch bands. The warranty covers most common manufacturing and material defects. In most cases, damages to the movement, dial, or glass are covered by the warranty.

The warranty is not valid in the following cases:

  • The product is damaged due to negligence or improper use (such as scratches or damage from a fall).
  • Damage caused by repairs or modifications performed by a third party without prior authorization from the Quist Watch Group.
  • Damage or disruptions caused by water or fire (contact with water should be avoided).
  • External changes resulting from normal use of the product, such as discoloration of leather straps, scratches on the casing or glass, etc.
  • Replacement of the battery, even if it needs replacement during the warranty period.

The warranty does not cover the following: The product is damaged due to negligence or improper use (such as falling or scratching) by the buyer. Feel free to contact us via support@quistwatches.nl to have the damage your watch has incurred evaluated and ultimately repaired.

If you believe the damage or defect is covered by the warranty, please submit a request through this contact form.

Attach a proof of purchase, a description, and clear photos of the problem so that our customer service can provide you with a solution as quickly as possible. Please note: we cannot process a warranty claim without a valid proof of purchase. This is necessary to confirm that the products were purchased from an authorized reseller and are still within the 2-year warranty period. If the issue is covered by our warranty, our customer service will assist you in the process of getting your product replaced free of charge.

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